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John A.

We found our dream home but had some concerns and couldn’t have asked for a better home inspector. Shawn was professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. We were a little nervous, but upon meeting him, he explained the entire process for inspecting the home and what to expect, setting our minds at ease. No matter how silly or insignificant our questions were, we were treated with respect and Shawn made sure we understood all the findings. Our realtor commented on how detailed and thorough the report was that he received via email at the conclusion the inspection. The detailed report came in extremely handy because it was the deciding factor and a major re-negotiation point for the sale. Thank you Shawn for doing your best for us - you are amazing! Sincerely, The Athas’ from NY.

Jeramie M.

Very reliable and easy to work with. Extra Mile Home Inspections has been up to the challenge ever time I've called them. Would recommend to others!

Neil B.

My experience was 100% positive, every question I had was answered in a way I would understand. Love the fact that he told me what was important to fix now and what to budget for and gave me a time frame to know when to budget it for.

Gabrielle C.

Shawn was very personable and did excellent work! He made sure that I understood exactly what he was checking, what he was checking for, and whether or not it was a safety issue. He was extremely thorough and made sure to provide excellent service.

Tony W.

Shawn was great from the first phone call. He was really surprised when a realtor from York had called him for his service. Very detailed and really prepped to have his arrival and expected service planned accordingly. Really a easy going and experienced professional. Showed lots of hustle and eager to steadily continue to find those important items and amenities, he felt was supposed to be check and test out. He took the time to explain items to my client and assured her about the operation, but the age and wear of those amenities. I will definitely use Shawn and his services in the future.

Joel Q.

Just had my home inspection done, by Extra Mile Home Inspection's very own Shawn Haney! And I have to say it was one of the most informative and detailed experiences I've ever had. Shawn's method is “Going the extra mile to help others is payment enough." He's very detailed and the price is unbeatable. As we were going through the house we explained we were first time home buyers and needed some help understanding the home system as far as heat, cooling, etc. And the first words out of Shawn's mouth were: "Any bumps you hit down the road, give me a call and I'll try to help." The overall experience deserves a 5 star rating, you want somebody that has their best interest in the investment your about to commit to. I would recommend E.M.H.I. for all, and will most likely use them again when I'm ready to move on to a bigger home. Thanks Shawn, and keep up the good work.

John B.

When I first contacted Shawn he was very thorough explaining the entire home inspection process. During the home inspection he went beyond the typical superficial home inspection and explained to me things I can't imagine most home inspectors would know. Shawn was excellent communicating what he discovered and what types of issues that might arise in the future if left uncorrected. His attention to detail was First Class!

David C.

Excellent service. Would highly recommend - quality and thorough.

Simon O.

They did an amazing job on time very professional I highly recommend them!

Jeremy M.

He did really good. He is quick with answers, if he is unsure he will find out right away and get back to me.

Carman D.

Shawn is super professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and is very informative.
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